Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Encyclopedia Dramatica deletes racist articles

Encyclopedia Dramatica, a wiki website dedicated to the documenting internet culture and internet humor, has recently deleted two articles, "Jews" and "Niggers". This comes as a shock to most users, as the site has been built upon its irreverent and alway vicious view of everything, ranging from criticizing Wikipedia, 4chan, pop culture and every race and religion. Upon inquiring about the deletions on the forums by making a thread, the thread was somewhat predictably locked

Meanwhile, ED begs for donations, stating:

"It’s controversial, uncensored and an amazing repository of internet history. In order to stay that way, we need a little help."

Users have reported being banned for protesting the deletion of their beloved controversial articles on the wiki, mirroring the unheard of banhammers on /b/ for posting racism, as I covered in my previous post. The Jews page redirects to an innocuous "Happy Hanukkah" image, and has been locked from edits, and the niggers article has been fully deleted. 

The website's tongue-in-cheek style of writing made fun of just about every topic it ever covered, and race certainly was no exception. But a few days after 4chan deletes entire boards for racism and systematically bans users for racism on /b/, Encyclopedia Dramatica censors itself, and this raises questions as to how they are related. Both are hubs of internet culture and memes, and both have been notorious for their offensive and uncensored content. Could this be related? Is ED trying to become Dramaticabook to compete with Chanbook? ED seems to have a related "safe for work" spinoff wiki called "whatport80.com". It is possible that the owner has taken a profitability lesson in mainstreaming from 4chan, and wants to hump on the same train. What do you think? Tell me rumors/conspiracies/ideas in comments.

You can see links the previous state of the pages for "Jews" here: http://replay.waybackmachine.org/20100102012844/http://encyclopediadramatica.com/Jews

Monday, January 31, 2011

4chan's "moot" launches canv.as

23 year-old 4chan founder Christopher Pooke, aka moot, has finally launched the beta of his engimatic "social image website" canv.as. Poole's claim to fame is the infamous 4chan, which has millions of unique users daily, and is a source of much of the internet culture that many of us know and love, and also has gained media attention for DDoS attacks, hacking and accusations of "cyber-terrorism". Any seasoned user of the internet has been touched, or perhaps violated, by 4chan in some way.

While precious little is known of Canvas, it has been criticized by a sizeable and somewhat outraged userbase of 4chan as Poole's attempts to clean up 4chan's image in recent weeks. Two boards, /new/, a news board, and /r9k/, a board where losers collectively whine about their lack of success with girls, were removed, and 4channers say it was an attempt to mainstream the site's image. /new/ had notoriously offensive content, with a large chunk of it being racist in nature, even if related to news and world events. Moot had previously deleted the board, and then restored it due to demand, but again threatened to delete the board if it did not shift away from its "/stormfront/" nature. Hours after the deletion, mirrors of the boards were put up at 4chon.net, where they carry on their posting as normal.
An actual wordball of the content on the /new/ board
In addition to these board removals, many anons, as 4chan users are called, have reporting being banned on /b/ for racist posting; which is unthinkable for anyone who knows the uncensored and chaotic nature of the /b/ board on 4chan, which moot has publicly defended. Recently, moot has appointed hundreds of volunteer "janitors" from the userbase, whom are essentially hall monitors of the boards and delete rule-violating posts, but lack the power to ban users as do moderators. Disheartened anons attribute this about-face in moot's character to the changing of character as an attempt to clean up 4chan, or perhaps even deform it and change its direction to a profitable and mainstream social networking website.

 In any case, it seems to be correlated with moot's recent business dealings with investors, who have poured $625,000 into his web venture. /new/ predictably viewed this as a Jewish conspiracy, in an attempt to stomp out their deviant views and "exposing of the Jewish conspiracy" in the more free and democratic new media of the internet. White it is empirical fact that there is a disproportionate number of Jews in power positions in the media, this is probably an irrelevant truth to whether a conspiracy to use the media to shape popular opinion and engineer society to Jewish whims.
/new/'s reception of Canvas

Friday, January 21, 2011

WoW Catalcysm Guides, for blacksmithing


I found this website when browsing wowwiki, and it's the best Cataclysm updated World of Warcraft mining guide I could find on the internet. I leveled my character's blacksmithing from 1-525 in two days and for under 2500 gold. I reccommend it for anyone interested in saving some gold, these guides seem to be optimized taking in consideration economy.